Types of cleaning services offered to customers

August 26, 2021

Common types of best house cleaning Austin services that we can provide to our customers are:

  1. Residential Cleaning Services

Also known as domestic or household cleaning is the process of cleaning a customer’s home when he/she is present or currently out of the house. Customers spend their well-earned money on well-deserved domestic help as it helps them spend more time with their families instead of fussing over household chores.

  1. Commercial Cleaning Services

Also known as office cleaning, is defined as the process of cleaning companies Austin Tx commercial buildings such as office spaces, schools, community buildings, and more. The cleaning can be scheduled either during the working hours when premises are open or outside of working hours when premises are closed.

  1. Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial cleaning services covers every day, ongoing maintenance and cleaning of buildings like office spaces, schools, industries while commercial cleaning involves bigger, deep-cleaning tasks that are performed once a few times in a year.

  1. Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Services

Although they may sound similar, laundry cleaning and dry cleaning are quite different from each other. While laundry cleaning uses soaps, detergents, and softeners to wash clothes, dry cleaning uses high-end chemicals to remove persistent stains and grease out of clothes.

  1. Sanitization and Disinfection

In this COVID age, it is critical to keep both homes and offices free from harmful viruses and bacteria that can cause allergies, colds, and coughs. Sanitization and disinfection for office cleaning Austin Tx use physical and chemical means to ensure that our dwellings and office spaces are safe for human inhabitation and cut the COVID chain.

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